Product Data Sheet:

Biotis® Lactoferrin

A natural iron-binding milk glycoprotein that has been shown to reduce the risk of infections1,2,7, enhance the immune response3 and have immune-modulatory effects4–7.

Biotis® Lactoferrin is used as an ingredient for food products, dietary supplements, oral care, sports nutrition, dairy products and functional foods.

Biotis® Lactoferrin is a high-purity, natural, iron-binding protein isolated from fresh bovine milk. Studies have shown that lactoferrin can provide multiple immune health benefits in adults, including reducing the risk of both viral1,2,3 and bacteriological4,5,6,7 infections, and of iron deficiency8,9,10 which can affect the body’s defenses. It can also support immune status.11

Biotis® Lactoferrin is manufactured under food-grade conditions in both the Netherlands and the U.S., and it is spray dried which makes it ideal for blending with other ingredients to deliver a homogenous, high-quality end product.


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