Good to Gut Prebiotic1 Gummies

For brand owners in the supplement industry that are looking for a prebiotic to include in one of the most trending supplement formats. Now TGA approved!

Good to Gut Prebiotic Gummies

The popularity of supplements for preventative health care has risen sharply, particularly since the pandemic. And, gummy supplements have seen their share of launches skyrocket in recent years as they have been presented as a more convenient, easier-to-consume option.2

Good to Gut Prebiotic Gummies are a tasty and convenient way to support your gut health. They have been expertly formulated so that each gummy contains the right amount of Biotis® GOS-OP High Purity, but also vitamin C, D and calcium to deliver several gut health benefits.

What is Biotis® GOS-OP High Purity

It is an ingredient specifically developed to drive innovation in the growing gut health supplement market. Biotis® GOS OP High-Purity uses a patent-pending process to deliver a higher concentration of available GOS, ensuring a typical GOS content of 94% – significantly higher than the typical range for other prebiotics currently available. The process also results in lower lactose content (< 5%), supporting low lactose formulations which are increasingly popular with health-conscious consumers.

Mockup for inspiration purposes only. This information is intended for industrial customers only and not intended for consumers.

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Great news – Australian manufacturers can now offer our prebiotic solutions to their health-conscious customers! The Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA) has added galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) to its Permissible Ingredients Determination for listed complementary medicines in Australia. With the approval, FrieslandCampina Ingredients has been given exclusive rights to supply Biotis GOS for new supplements containing GOS for two years.

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