Good to Gut Prebiotic1 Powder Sticks

For brand owners in the supplement industry that are looking for a prebiotic to include in an application to support consumers with IBS-like symptoms.

Good to Gut Prebiotic Powder Sticks

Good to Gut Prebiotic Powder Sticks

From 2018 to 2020, the number of people who said they suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) at least some of the time rose from 26% to 36%.2 There is no cure for IBS, so many consumers must cope with their challenges on a daily basis.

To help support these consumers, we developed Good to Gut Prebiotic Powder Sticks—a Biotis™ GOS-OP High Purity powder for daily gut health support. High in fibre, low in lactose. Good to Gut Prebiotic Powder Sticks can easily be incorporated into a daily diet, next to a meal or on the go.

What is Biotis™ GOS-OP High Purity

It is an ingredient specifically developed to drive innovation in the growing gut health supplement market. Biotis™ GOS OP High-Purity uses a patent-pending process to deliver a higher concentration of available GOS, ensuring a typical GOS content of 94% – significantly higher than the typical range for other prebiotics currently available. The process also results in lower lactose content (< 5%), supporting low lactose formulations which are increasingly popular with health-conscious consumers.

Mockup for inspiration purposes only. This information is intended for industrial customers only and not intended for consumers.

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