Good to Gut Prebiotic1 Tablets

For brand owners in the supplement industry that are looking for a prebiotic to include in a classic format that appeals to a wide range of consumers.

Good to Gut Prebiotic Tablets

Good to Gut Prebiotic Tablets

The popularity of supplements for preventative health care has risen sharply, particularly since the pandemic. Globally, 2/3 of consumers still see capsules and tablets as the preferred supplement format.2,3

Good to Gut Prebiotic Tablets contain Biotis™ GOS-OP High Purity powder for daily gut health support. Delivering up to 2g of galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) per serving, they can easily be incorporated into your daily routine, just take them with your breakfast.

What is Biotis™ GOS-OP High Purity

It is an ingredient specifically developed to drive innovation in the growing gut health supplement market. Biotis™ GOS OP High-Purity uses a patent-pending process to deliver a higher concentration of available GOS, ensuring a typical GOS content of 94% – significantly higher than the typical range for other prebiotics currently available. The process also results in lower lactose content (< 5%), supporting low lactose formulations which are increasingly popular with health-conscious consumers.

Mockup for inspiration purposes only. This information is intended for industrial customers only and not intended for consumers.

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