White Paper: Leveraging Dairy Ingredients for Science-Backed Immune Support

Learn the most important details you need to know about immune health, and discover how you can help consumers feed their immune system.

A white paper for companies who want to help consumers on their quest for immune health.

The number of consumers that actively wanted to improve their immune health rose from 53% in 2019 up to 70% the following year. And, 56% of global consumers say they actively research different ingredients that can boost health (FMCG Gurus, 2020).

For manufacturers, this presents clear opportunities to lead the way in meeting their needs, by demonstrating a clear understanding of how immunity works, and by leveraging ingredient options with scientifically validated benefits.

Download From Farm to Feeling Good: Leveraging Dairy Ingredients for Science-Backed Immune Support today and learn:

  • How the immune system works so you can develop solutions that address consumer needs for immune support
  • The role that milk plays in supporting the immune system against the development of disease
  • Why lactoferrin, a protein naturally present in cow’s milk, shows exciting potential for a variety of approaches to immune health support backed by clinical evidence

Biotis® Immune Health Brochure

Solutions for natural immune support

Biotis® Lactoferrin

Product Data Sheet: Lactoferrin / The full specification for our Biotis® Lactoferrin ingredient

Application Suggestion: Immune-Plus

The Immune-Plus powder drink is an application suggestion based on Biotis® Lactoferrin.