New Concept:

PRO-Digest Health Shot

Combines prebiotics and probiotics for daily natural support for gut comfort.

Prebiotics and probiotics gut health concept

From Biotis® and Lallemand Health Solutions

The PRO-Digest Health Shot brings together best-in-class prebiotic and probiotic ingredients into a single concept.

The PRO-Digest Health Shot combines Biotis® GOS with 5 billion cfu (colony forming units) per serving of Lallemand Health Solutions’ B. lactis LAFTI® B94, which has been shown to support a healthy microflora by feeding probiotic bacteria which reinforces gut barrier integrity and relieves abdominal discomfort such as occasional constipation.1,2,3

It is convenient and easy-to-consume with a clean and neutral taste making it easy to formulate in a range of flavours.

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1. Basturk et al., 2016, 2. Erdogan et al., 2012, 3. Islek et al., 2014