Solutions for a good gut feeling

Ingredients that help support a healthy gut microbiome and a healthy digestive system.

Health, well-being and the gut

Consumers are more health-conscious than ever and recognise that different aspects of their health are interlinked and impact each other, both mentally and physically.

At the same time as this shift in the consumer mindset, scientific research has made it increasingly apparent that overall health and well-being is founded on good gut health.1

The need to improve gut health is also understood by consumers: 2 in 3 recognise that gut health is key to achieving overall well-being.2

1Mousa et al., 2022; 2Innova Top Ten Trends 2022 

How consumers are choosing to support their gut health

86% of global consumers stated they have taken steps to improve their digestive health, including exercising more, making changes to their diet or using dietary supplements.3

This trend has led to a rise in demand for dietary supplements in formats such as gummies and powders, and functional food and drink in formats such as shots, bars and vitamin drinks.

Prebiotics4 are good examples of scientifically backed ingredients which can be combined with other ingredients such as probiotics5, or vitamins and minerals, to unlock multiple health benefits and meet the rising consumer need for a more holistic approach to health.

3FMCG Gurus, Digestive Health Survey, 2020; 4Gibson et al., 2017; 5Hill et al., 2014;

The central role gut microbiota play in supporting gut health

Gut microbiota, the thousands of microbes encompassed within our gastro-intestinal tract, play a key role in both health and disease.6 Our gut microbiota are influenced by several factors, such as our age, exercise regime, our stress levels and the medications we take (particularly antibiotics). However, by targeting the gut microbiota through nutrition, it is possible to positively influence gut health.7

Prebiotics, substrates that are selectively utilised by host microorganisms, conferring a health benefit, show great promise in supporting gut health. Our Biotis® GOS (galacto-oligosaccharides), for example, have been shown to influence gut microbiota composition8-12 producing beneficial effects on gut health8,12-14 and mental well-being.9

6Mousa et al., 2022; 7Hill et al., 2014; 8Krumbeck et al., 2018; 9Johnstone et al., 2021; 10Ladirat et al., 2014; 11Walton et al., 2012; 12Schoemaker et al. 2022; 13Teuri & Korpela, 1998; 14Sairanen et al., 2007

Our ingredients

Combined solutions

Combined solutions, such as prebiotic and probiotic solutions, can take formulations to the next level, working complementarily to enhance effectiveness. However, bringing together formulation and scientific expertise is essential to bring these products to life – it’s why we partnered with probiotics experts Lallemand Health Solutions to introduce two concepts:

  • The PRO-Digest Health Shot with Biotis® GOS and B. lactis LAFTI® B94 provides daily natural support for gut comfort, in particular occasional constipation.
  • PRO-Digest Bowel Support with Biotis® GOS and L. paracasei HA-196 is a concept designed to provide support to individuals with IBS-like symptoms.

> Learn more about the partnership and product concepts

Our applications for a good gut feeling

When you start a discussion with us, we will work to understand your needs and which health benefits you would like to offer. From there, we will develop tailor-made concepts for you that fit into the needs and lifestyles of your consumers. Here are a few examples of concepts to show what’s possible:

Gummies to support the gut comfort of young active women with busy lifestyles; Digestive health shot or health bar to support active adults with IBS symptoms; Prebiotic protein water to support athletes; Medical shot for seniors to address constipation; and many more.

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