Your Guide to the Holistic Health Trend

See why it starts with the gut, and how you can develop new products to help consumers on their holistic health journey.

Discover how you can get ahead of the holistic health trend to develop products your customers will love.

Holistic health is one of the hottest trends, as consumers look to support their physical and mental well-being with ingredients that offer a health boost beyond only nutrition.

What is holistic health?

Holistic health is about the pursuit of all-round well-being and the recognition that different aspects of health are interlinked and impact each other, both mentally and physically. And, for holistic well-being, there is no better place to start than the gut.

But, why the gut?

It has become increasingly apparent that overall health and well-being is founded on good gut health.1 And, while there is still much to learn about how interconnected our bodies and minds are, savvy consumers, curious about the latest health research, have caused an explosion of interest in gut health.2

In this guide, we’ll share how your company can help consumers on their holistic health journey:

  • Discover why holistic health is trending with consumers
  • Learn about the role the gut can play in developing new products to meet this consumer demand
  • Explore which ingredients and products you can consider for new product development


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