4 Articles To Add to Your Holiday Reading List

Dec 14

As we are fast approaching the holiday season, things might be starting to slow down a bit at work. And for some of us, this is the perfect time to catch up on a few things we just didn’t have time for during another challenging year—including some reading.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of essential reading from the BiotisTM Academy. These are some of our materials which professionals, such as food scientists and brand owners, found especially helpful which you may have missed this year. Plus, we’ve included a bonus article with some tips to help you prioritise your wellness throughout the holidays.

So, grab your favourite functional food or drink and enjoy!


1. Leveraging Dairy Ingredients for Science-Backed Immune Support

2021 was another year where immune health was top of mind for many consumers. However, for brands to develop solutions that address consumer needs for immune support, it is necessary to understand the fundamentals of how the immune system works—reading this white paper will be a great way to start.

Plus, in the paper we look at the role dairy plays in supporting the immune system against the development of disease and highlight why ingredients such as lactoferrin show exciting potential for a variety of approaches to immune health support.

> Read the white paper


2. The Gut Health Benefits of Biotis™ GOS

81% of supplement consumers and 86% of functional food and beverage consumers are familiar with prebiotics—and that number is on the rise.1 But what exactly are prebiotics and how can they support gut health?

Prebiotics are substrates that are selectively utilised by host micro-organisms and confer a health benefit.2 In other words, they are food for “good” microbes, and they are changing the game of digestive health.

Prebiotics, such as Biotis™ GOS, provide exciting opportunities to help to address the wide spectrum of adult gut health conditions for which consumers are actively seeking solutions. In this article, we explain why.

> Read about galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS)


3. The Value of a Better Night’s Sleep

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a surge in the number of people experiencing problems with sleep—including 2 in 3 Americans who say they are now sleeping either more or less than desired.3

With sleep issues affecting so many people around the world, FrieslandCampina Ingredients is continuing to invest in the development of scientifically proven ingredients to help companies deliver on the promise of a better night’s sleep.

The good news? A recent study has shown that our Biotis™ SleepWell can reduce stress, stimulates intestinal Bifidobacteria, and supports adults with moderate sleep disturbances in improving perceived sleep quality. We’ve summarised the most important details from this study in this document.

> See the highlights of the study


4. Healthy Holidays Are Possible—The Key Is Finding Your Balance

During the holiday season, we spend time with family and friends and we may indulge in the spirit of the season. However, that often means our health—both physical and mental—takes a backseat until at least the new year.

In this article from Forbes Health, they compiled easy and applicable tips for prioritising wellness and combatting stress this holiday season. Hopefully, some of these tips can be helpful to you as well!

> Read the Healthy Holiday Guide


From the FrieslandCampina Ingredients team, we’d like to wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday season!



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