Behind the Concept: Good to Gut Prebiotic Gummies


Provides you with inspiration for your NPD pipeline and takes you behind our prebiotic gummies concept.

One of the unique advantages of partnering with FrieslandCampina Ingredients is our team of local application experts. They create a range of different concepts to help inspire our customers and open the window to what’s possible with our Biotis™ portfolio of ingredients.

To help you understand a little more about this process, we sat down with Katherine Burke, Technical Sales Specialist for North America to take you behind the concept. Learn more about why we made this with a special look at our Good to Gut Prebiotic Gummies concept.

Q: What are Good to Gut Prebiotic Gummies?

A: Good to Gut Prebiotic Gummies are a tasty and convenient way to support your gut health. They have been formulated so that each gummy contains the right amount of Biotis™ GOS-OP High Purity, but also vitamin C, D and calcium to deliver several gut health benefits.

We haven’t seen a lot of the prebiotic fiber gummies on the market with GOS (galacto-oligosaccharides), so we wanted to explore if we could put our GOS prebiotic fiber into a  gummy application. Unlike Inulin and FOS, which can increase flatulence and bloating, Biotis™ GOS helps to support a healthy response to flatulence and bloating, and it’s something that is missing in the market.

We partnered with a co-manufacturer and created a gummy which contains our newly launched Biotis™GOS-OP High Purity, together with several vitamins and minerals that support gut health and would allow brands to make gut health claims in the EU and structure-function claims in the US.

By making this concept, it is also proof of the stability of GOS as it is heat and acid stable and is easily combined with other vitamins and minerals. Plus, with its slightly sweet neutral taste, it is effortlessly formulated with different flavorings while reducing the need for additional sweeteners.

Gut health gummies supplement concept

Q: Who could brands target with this concept and what are these consumers looking for?

A: We know that 2 in 3 consumers globally recognize that gut health is key to achieving overall well-being.1 And, we know that 86% of global consumers stated they have taken steps to improve their digestive health, for example by using dietary supplements.2

Gut health is on the mind of a lot of consumers worldwide, both men and women. This concept is designed for adults who are concerned about their digestive health, including consumers that face issues with regularity or gut health concerns coming off an antibiotic.

Brands could also market a product like this to consumers interested in a holistic view of their gut-brain axis and the ways their gut can affect their mood. These consumers want products that can help support their sleep quality, or will help support normal stress and mood levels, for example.

Q: Why did we make a gummy concept?

A: Gummies are super popular right now as they are one of the fastest growing forms of supplements – especially with millennial and Gen Z consumers3 as they are seen as more of a “cool” or novel format.

They are easy to consume, they taste good, and most importantly people like eating gummies which is likely due to the fact they don’t require any additional steps, such as mixing a powder stick in your coffee or tea, and they are not as intimidating as taking a large pill.

Q: What are some examples of claims a company may be able to make with a concept like this?

A: This really depends a lot based on where you are in the world, so anyone thinking of creating a supplement like this can consult with their and our team of local regulatory experts for advice on what claims could be made in their region.

For example, in the U.S., some of the claims that could be made are that it supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, it supports a healthy gut function and it helps to support a healthy digestive system. In the EU with the vitamins and minerals chosen, claims could be made like contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes.

When it comes to sustainability, we could support a climate-neutral initiative with our partners and when it comes to scientific substantiation, brand owners could share most researched GOS in the market.

For nutritional claims, dependent on dose and country, there is potential to make a good source of fiber claim since 64% of Biotis™ GOS-OP High Purity is fiber.

Q: How does FrieslandCampina Ingredients help companies turn this from a concept into a product they can launch?

A: Concepts which we have created, like the Good to Gut Prebiotic Gummies, are beneficial to companies because they do not need to start from scratch, greatly accelerating our customers’ speed to market. We have done the work to explore how to make a gummy with GOS together with vitamins and minerals.

We also have a co-manufacturing network so we can connect customers with companies who would help them produce the gummies and bring this concept to life. The customer can make their own flavors, select their own vitamins and minerals, and determine their own dosing and shape of the gummy.

Give it a try

We hope this provided you with a little more insight into why we made the Good to Gut Prebiotic Gummy concept. Want to learn more?

Download the application suggestion or get in touch with us to request a sample and try it out for yourself.


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